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sit up! have a drink! cheer up sleepyhead! what's up pussycat whoa whoa whoa whoa!

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like WHOA

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is that you in the pic?

[identity profile] 2002-06-08 04:00 am (UTC)(link)'s on my friend Eric's couch

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haha see what happens when you talk to me online for a long period of time? you basically make your journal friends-only.


Nelly said hi, by the way. :D

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You should listen to Nelly Chris!


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Friend's only is the way to go!

you know what i really want to know??

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Who in fuck is the "Doom Trio"?

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i have been wanting to say this for a little while, it has been good to see you the last few times. i'm still surprised to have you approach me and give me a hug, i probably will for awhile. it's good to see we can put drama behind us, and move on.


[identity profile] 2002-06-19 07:41 am (UTC)(link) dont know me but I saw we have a couple mutual friends, and your into a lot of cool stuff, so i wanted to say hi = )

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im puttin ya down as a friend, cool?


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I'm looking for some new friends.. Will the $0.78 I have in my pocket cover the surcharges of your friendship? *Hope So* I'm going to add you as a friend, is dat a'ight?

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i like the fact that u are openminded with your music, moving across downtempo to techno to indie stuff :) have a good day ahead!i'll def.add u when u respond coz there's really no pt in me adding u when urs all pte :)

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I added you to my list....

WE share some friends and common interests :)

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interesting, cultured girl...may I?

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yes of course

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found you through [ profile] pearlsgurl, I'm interested, may I add you?


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of course you can add me... :D

1 degree of seperation

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I've come across your journal I don't know how many times via I don't know how many people on my list, so the logical thing to do would to add you. :)

- marcus

Re: 1 degree of seperation

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I just added you...

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i could wrap you up in cottonwool.

will you add me. i want to discuss some things.

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sure no problem

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I'm going to add you because we have common friend, common interests and I am a bored worker that needs more things to read all day long. If you do not add me back I will cry and eat far too much cheese for normal human beings. It's sad, but true. :P

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there will be no crying in baseball

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hey. i noticed your journal through a mutual friend we share. we seem to have a few interesting common interests, i.e., mark romanek, richard meier, etc. and thought i'd add ya as a friend


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I'm interested...(I was looking for add you for a while now). hugz.

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I actually know you from a mutual friend and also because you noticed the graphic she made to me which I found flattering, later I went to your profile, and since we have some interests in common, I added you. I didn't want to sound sort of lame before, so I'm telling you the main reasons now.

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hey whats up man, i see you listen to good drum and bass too..

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I am intrested add me :)

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I am intrested please add me :)

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Haha, this entry is from june... um, I was going to add you, but I don't know if you'll notice. Oh well, I'll give it a go.

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I would like to read I like your user pic :)

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